NEAS reports container recovery operations are underway following a cargo unloading incident.

The general cargo ship, Sivumut experienced a loss overboard of containers and general cargo whilst in position off the port of Iqaluit, Canada on 27 October 2023.

WK Webster and Co Ltd, a marine and transit claims consultancy firm, said last Friday “approximately 20 containers and general cargo are reported to have been lost overboard from the vessel.”

The consultancy firm added that the containers “are reported to remain afloat, and tugs have been deployed to salvage the containers.”

It is possible that recovery issues may arise as a result of this incident, WK Webster and Co Ltd added.

Authorities in Iqaluit and Apex have issued advisories to surfers, urging them to exercise caution and vigilance in the face of dangers.

In a Facebook post, NEAS described the event as a “cargo unloading” incident. “We are actively collaborating with the concerned agencies, the local community and our valued clients to ensure the safe resolution of this incident,” the post said.

According to NEAS post, crew retrieved a crew member from the water and successfully initiated containment and recovery protocols. The crew member received medical attention in hospital.

The Government of Nunavut said earlier this week the incident involved “a sealift barge that resulted in 20 sea cans and assorted freight falling into the water near the port. The Canadian Coast Guard and NEAS personnel are making efforts to locate the freight.”

It also added that the sea cans and freight are floating in the water and any boaters in the area need to be aware of the hazard. “The freight appears to be floating toward Apex and the surrounding area,” it said.