In accordance with the latest information from the Dutch authorities the vessel reached its destination in Eemshaven port. The tow trip of the fire-damaged car carrier to the port went without any problems.

As reported earlier today by Shipping Telegraph, the Dutch authorities have chosen Eemshaven port, due to the short distance, as the final destination for the fire-damaged car carrier Fremantle Highway.

This morning around 05:00 the towing of the Fremantle Highway started towards the Eemshaven.

The Coast Guard ship and the Rijkswaterstaat’s pollution control vessel Arca were nearby the car carrier.

As it was reported by the authorities during the towing voyage, experts were on board the Fremantle Highway to monitor the status of the ship.

“The situation on board the car carrier is considered stable, and the arrival time of the ship is highly dependent on weather, current and tide,” the authorities said in the morning.

After consultation with all parties involved, the Dutch authorities have chosen Eemshaven port because of the short distance (64 km), the existing infrastructure and the facilities that the port offers for the next steps in the salvage of the ship.

In the port, the ship is safer and the cargo can be unloaded, as it said by agency Rijkswaterstaat. “By keeping the towing journey as short as possible, the risks in case of deterioration of weather conditions are limited,” the agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat reported.

It is worth to remind that around midnight on July 26 the Coast Guard Center received a report that there was a fire on the car carrier Fremantle Highway. There were 23 crew members onboard and, at that time, the ship was sailing 27 kilometers north of Ameland.

The crew attempted to extinguish the fire themselves, but were unsuccessful. The fire continued to spread, prompting an evacuation. All 23 crew members were evacuated from the burning vessel by helicopters and lifeboats. According to Dutch Coast Guard, one crew member died and several were injured.