Heavy smoke seen as firefighters are battling fire on ship in Køge port

A fire erupted on a ship in the port of Køge, Denmark, on April 30, 2024, causing heavy smoke, sirens, and warnings in the area. The incident took place yesterday prompting authorities to take immediate action to ensure public safety and to restrict access to the area.

According to images released by several media, thick, grey smoke billowed over the port, but no injuries are reported so far. The statement from the Danish police did not disclose what caused the fire or how it started.

A warning has been issued with sirens sounding in the area. Fire crews battled the blaze, but the cause and extent of damage remain under investigation.

In pictures from the harbour, thick, grey smoke can be seen rising from the ship.

It is still too early to predict the actual cause of the fire that raged on the ship in the port of Køge on Tuesday.

The Danish police emphasised yesterday with several alerts in the social media and in its official website the fact that people in the affected area must stay indoors and close doors and windows. People outside the mentioned area should – if they can smell smoke – avoid as much as possible longer stays outdoors.

If people have been in the affected area, they should get out and get some fresh air. They are advised that if they continue to feel discomfort as a result of the smoke, they should contact the on-call doctor at 1818, the police said.

“It is encouraged to pass this message on to other people in the area,” it was emphasized in an emergency message shortly before midnight on Tuesday.

Local authorities also reported on April 30 that the extinguishing of the fire is expected to last a few more hours.

In accordance with the Danish police, early Wednesday morning, emergency management assessed that the fire was extinguished.