Photo credit: NYK Line (The commemoration ceremony)

An LNG-fuelled pure car and truck carrier entered the port of Hiroshima for the first time on 27th of February.

Jasmine Leader vessel, owned by giant NYK Line, received before entering the port, LNG fuel from Kaguya, an LNG-bunkering ship operated by Central LNG Marine Fuel Japan Corporation, which is a joint venture owned by NYK and other companies. Jasmine Leader is named after the jasmine flower, which is a symbol of beauty and known for its rich fragrance.

The vessel is NYK’s third LNG-fueled PCTC and the first of four to be delivered from China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Nanjing) Co.

The vessel will transport finished vehicles produced by Mazda Motor Corporation, and “seeks to fulfil customers’ demands for a lower environmental burden in the logistics field,” as NYK states.

image credit: NYK Line

On the same day a commemoration ceremony was attended by related parties of Mazda Motor Corporation and NYK. The participants celebrated the vessel’s entrance into Hiroshima port and wished it a lifetime of safe voyages.

NYK is positioning LNG, a low-carbon marine fuel, as a bridge-solution until future zero-emission ships are realized. The company plans to take delivery of a total of 20 new LNG-fueled PCTCs by 2028.