The crew onboard the Togo-flagged general cargo ship Seama were evacuated Monday morning with the help of the Romanian Agency for Saving Human Life at Sea.

The Romanian Agency for Saving Human Life at Sea (ARSVOM) reported today that it was requested to intervene in order to evacuate the 12 crew members.

The crew was picked up and safely handed over to the ambulance in Sulina Port.

The crew was picked up between 07:20- 07:30 and they were safely handed over to the ambulance at 08:25.

Footage shared on Twitter shows the ongoing evacuation of the 12 crew members on board at the time of the incident in the Sulina area in Romania, close to the border with Ukraine, the early hours of this morning.

An explosion took place onboard the ship, whilst sea mine is the main suspect. Reports from Romania suggest the 4,251 dwt general cargo ship Seama built in 1981 may have hit a sea mine.

Defence analyst Radu Tudor shared footage from the scene and added: “An explosion took place this morning on board a Togo-flagged ship, in the Sulina area of the Danube Delta.”

‘The ship was damaged, Romanian rescuers took over 12 crew members. It seems that the ship hit a sea mine,’ he added.

Romanian officials have not yet confirmed the cause of the incident.

Marine Traffic data, an online tracking site, showed the vessel at anchor in the Black Sea on Wednesday.