Stena Oil opens its new terminal in Denmark’s Frederikshavn

Stena Oil’s new terminal in Frederikshavn with a capacity of 75,000 cubic meters was officially opened on May 14.

Stena Oil, a global player in the marine fuels industry, said the terminal is a flexible terminal prepared for the green transition in the marine fuel market.

The new terminal, which complements the operations in Gothenburg, is designed to handle various types of fuels, and over the year, a newly built bunker vessel will be put into operation, which will also be able to handle several types of fuels including biofuels and methanol.

One of the customers that will be served from Frederikshavn is Stena Line with its routes on the Kattegat.

The mayor of Frederikshavn, Birgit S. Hansen, was a part of the inauguration and she is proud to see the terminal up and running.

Birgit S. Hansen, mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality, said: “We are very pleased with our collaboration with Stena Oil. The strategic location of Frederikshavn makes the port a maritime hub for both regional and international trade passing through the Kattegat. It has now revealed yet another opportunity: a state-of-the-art bunker terminal.”

Jonas Persson, managing director of Stena Oil, noted: “We are very pleased to be up and running with operations in Frederikshavn. Our official opening attracted a large number of guests, mostly international customers, which we take as proof that this new setup is right.”