The adventure of the ro-ro passenger ship Achaeos from Piraeus to Aegina that ran into a rough sea just outside the port of the island ended with the safe disembarkation of all 330 passengers.

The trip turned into a thriller due to the stormy winds that did not allow all passengers to disembark at the port of Aegina, in Greece.

The raging sea and waves made the journey a nightmare for the 330 passengers who were inside the ship and did not know if they would eventually reach their destination.

According to information from the port authorities of Piraeus and Aegina, in the morning hours of Saturday, the ship, after efforts, finally docked at the port of Aegina, and few passengers disembarked.

However, the captain judged that continuing to disembark carried many risks due to the stormy winds.

Specifically, in the morning hours of Saturday, the Port Authorities of Piraeus and Aegina were informed by the Master of the ship, which was running a scheduled route from the port of Piraeus for port of Aegina with 330 passengers, and 38 cars, that multiple attempts were made to approach the port of Aegina, where 50 passengers disembarked.

It was then deemed unsafe, due to the adverse weather conditions, to continue disembarking and the ship returned to the port of Piraeus, where it safely disembarked its passengers.

During the voyage to the port of Aegina, a pane of glass broke, due to the vibrations, in the passenger compartment of the ship without causing any injuries.

With the ship berthed in the port of Piraeus, an emergency inspection was carried out where it was found that the damage has been repaired temporarily and the continuation of the ship´s voyage was allowed.