The Fehmarn project’s German working port at Puttgarden is now complete and officially put into use with the arrival of the cargo ship “Lady Anneke” on the 22nd July.

The cargo ship “Lady Anneke” came from Norway and brought materials for use at the German tunnel construction site where this material is required, among other things, for work in the excavation pit for the future tunnel portal for constructing the Fehmarn tunnel between Germany and Denmark.

Puttgarden’s working harbor is 10 hectares in total with a 170 meter long quay and the official name is Tunnel Harbor Puttgarden (THP).

The construction of THP began at the end of 2021 and as the harbor must supply the construction site with materials, a connecting road was also built. The working port has been equipped with the necessary seamarks since January 2023, and in the summer of 2023 the port authority finally approved the operation of the working port.

The port is expected to receive at least one cargo ship per week. Among other things, aggregate materials for concrete production must be delivered from Norway and Denmark plus there will also be shuttle trips for the delivery of equipment between the German and Danish working ports on the Fehmarn tunnel construction.