Turkish pilot lost his life while boarding vessel in Bosphorus

A Turkish pilot died in the Bosphorus after falling into the water, Turkish authorities said on Monday.

A maritime pilot lost his life on Sunday morning by falling into the waters of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, as he was trying to board a vessel.

According to the general directorate of maritime affairs of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for Turkey (KEGM), the pilot went to provide pilotage services to a ship.

The incident occurred on Sunday at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus. The pilot fell into the sea for an unknown reason, while joining the ship to provide pilotage service.

“This morning, while joining the ship to provide pilotage service at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus, our pilot Oğuz Kök, fell into the sea during the transfer,” the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs wrote in an online statement.

Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, minister of transport and infrastructure of Türkiye, said: “May God have mercy on our pilot Oğuz Kök”, the minister said giving his condolences to his family and to the maritime community.

According to various local media, a sailor who jumped into the sea from the pilot boat brought Oğuz Kök to the pier.

The pilot was then transferred unconscious to the hospital, where, despite best efforts they were not able to revive him.