UN, Ukraine set up new routes for ‘Grain from Ukraine’

Ukraine and the UN World Food Programme are developing new routes for the ‘Grain from Ukraine’ humanitarian programme. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated this in his address to the participants of the third Summit for Democracy.

“Our humanitarian food programme ‘Grain from Ukraine’ is also working and has delivered dozen thousands of tons of grain and wheat to Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia… And I am grateful to all contributing donor countries. Now together with the UN World Food Programme we are planning new routes for the ‘Grain from Ukraine’ to tackle famine in Gaza and Malawi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other nations,” Zelenskyy said.

According to the Ukrainian president in a few days a new cargo from Ukraine will arrive in Sudan.

The president emphasized that the country’s determination and the global cooperation helped ensure such a result and restore food security to the world “when Russia blocked Ukrainian ports and began destroying agricultural infrastructure,” as he said.

“We have restored the stability of the global food market, lifted the Russian blockade of some of our ports and renewed supplies of agricultural production. Dozens of millions of tons of Ukrainian food have already been delivered to Africa, Asia, and Europe. We have proven that we can restore food security, and I invite all of you to join this and other points of our Peace Formula,” added Zelenskyy.

More than a thousand vessels have already used the Ukrainian Corridor, a temporary route for exporting Ukrainian products of various nomenclatures.

Ukraine’s agriculture exports though the corridor have reached 14.3 million tons until now, since the new Black Sea shipping corridor was set up.

Total shipments via the corridor in the Black Sea topped 20 million tons, in accordance with Ukraine’s infrastructure minister Oleksandr Kubrakov.

Approximately 20 million tons have been exported through the Ukraine’s corridor to 32 countries by 661 vessels, 14,3 million tons is agro products. “Ukraine support world food security,” noted Kubrakov.

New 104 vessels declared for arrival in order to export 3 million tons of cargo.

Shipments in January alone were 6.3 million tons, almost equal to the pre-war level, with more than 100 vessels expected to approach the seaports to export another 3 million tons.