Cosco Shipping’s container ship “Xin Chang Shu” rescued Vietnamese fishermen in distress while being en route from Port of Shekou (Shenzhen) to Singapore.

At 1:20 a.m. on June 10, Cosco’s operated ship was navigating through Vietnam’s waters when it received a communication from the Vietnamese coast radio about a nearby fishing boat in distress.

In response for help, the crew on duty informed the captain and heightened their sea surveillance efforts, utilizing a laser pointer to scan the area. They were able to quickly locate the fishing boat after receiving a flash signal from a distant flashlight.

The captain instructed the crew to execute the man overboard (MOB) contingency plan and notified the emergency duty office of Cosco Shipping. After receiving guidance from the company, the vessel navigated to the location of the distressed fishing boat to provide assistance.

Once the five fishermen were retrieved onto the ship, they appeared completely drained and collapsed on the deck. Without delay, the crew intervened and administered a medical evaluation, revealing that the individuals were in good physical health, without injury, and demonstrated no abnormal mental state.

The Cosco operated ship’s chef supplied eggs, bread, noodles and mineral water to nourish them, and the waiter arranged quilts and blankets for their comfort.

“The ship’s crew worked together tirelessly for over five hours at sea, successfully completing the rescue mission,” the company says.