General Cargo ship Stavfjord ran aground in Norway

A general cargo ship ran aground whilst navigating northeast of Bergen, in Norway. The Netherlands-flagged Stavfjord cargo ship is reported that ran aground on February 18, 2024, as reported by shipping claims specialist WK Webster.

“We have received reports that General Cargo ship, STAVFJORD (IMO 9321380) ran aground whilst navigating northeast of Bergen, Norway on 18 February 2024,” the claims expert said.

The vessel reportedly suffered water ingress in the bow, which was able to be brought under control, and damage to its rudder.

The vessel was refloated with assistance from a tug and was berthed in Stord, Norway.

The claims specialist warns that possible general average, salvage and recovery issues may arise as a result of this casualty.

Furthermore, it recommends its clients to contact them if they are concerned with any cargo stowed on board this vessel, so immediately steps to be taken for the protection of the client’s interests.