Iranian warship capsizes at the pier in Bandar Abbas

The Iranian Navy’s “Sahand” warship was involved in an accident during repairs at a pier in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas, but the military vessel has not sunk, semi-official news agency in Iran, Tasnim reported.

The agency reported, citing information from the Iranian Navy’s first naval zone in Bandar Abbas, that the accident happened when Sahand was deployed to a pier belonging to the Bandar Abbas maritime industries for repair.

“Sahand lost its balance after taking on water in its tanks during the repair process,” the news agency Tasnim reported, citing a navy statement.

“Fortunately, the accident happened in shallow waters near the pier and the vessel is regaining its balance immediately,” Tasnim added citing navy’s reports.

It did not specify when the accident occurred. Pictures on various media outlets showed the Sahand destroyer rolled over on its side.

Sahand destroyer joined the Navy’s fleet in December 2018.

The destroyer is furnished with anti-ship cruise missiles and a helicopter deck and enjoys electronic warfare systems.