Ocean Explorer at the grounding

The cruise ship “Ocean Explorer” was grounded in the Alpefjord off the East Coast of Greenland for 3 days, and only got refloated on the 14th September with the towing assistance of the Research Vessel “Tarajoq”, owned by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GN).

Afterwards there has been great interest in newspapers and on the social media about the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources agreement with the shipping company behind “Ocean Explorer”, the SunStone Maritime Group.

Especially the price agreed for this refloating towage operation between the two shipping companies has attracted a lot of interest, and now the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, as being the owner of Research Vessel “Tarajoq”, has declared in a statement that they priced this operation to be worth DKK 3.8 million (about USD 546,000).

The purpose of the agreement which was entered into by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and SunStone Maritime Group was to compensate GN for the expenses and risks that were expected to be associated with the task.

The task was assessed and priced at a total of DKK 3.8 million, based on “Tarajoq’s” daily operating expenses and a general risk assessment of the task, GN mentions.

The agreement with SunStone Maritime Group was entered into jointly by GN’s shipping office and the crew of “Tarajoq”.

An experienced maritime lawyer ensured that the agreement was entered into under standard legal terms (of 1959) for salvage and towing.

Furthermore, GN’s insurance companies also approved the agreement before the work began and succeeded with the refloating of “Ocean Explorer”.