An Ocean Network Express (ONE) container ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal this week has safely dropped anchor at Port Said.

In a statement, ONE said the ONE Orpheus had dropped anchor at Port Said anchorage on December 7, for a detailed underwater inspection for assessment of the vessel’s condition.

It is currently due to be put through an underwater safety inspection today.

ONE apologised to shippers and told them it would keep them updated on the progress and vessel’s schedule.

The mother vessel “ONE Orpheus 0069W”, ran aground in the Suez Canal on 6th of December.

The vessel started to move and has been re-floated later the same day with the assistance of tugs and resumed its passage of the Suez Canal before moving to anchor off Port Said for inspection.

Specifically, the Singapore-flagged container vessel One Orpheus collided with “El-Mansy” bridge after its steering failure.

The 336 m long 2008-built ship suffered on Wednesday a fault with its rudder during its transit through the canal.

This happened during its transit through the canal amongst vessels of the north-bound convoy on its way from Singapore to the Netherlands.

Shipping claims specialist WK Webster said: “It is possible that general average or salvage and associated recovery issues may arise as a result of this casualty.”

In accordance with WK Webster, “reports indicate that the vessel sustained a significant breach to the starboard hull above the waterline as a result of the collision, but there are currently no reports of any damage to cargo stowed on board the vessel.”