An Ocean Network Express (ONE) container ship that ran aground on December 6 in the Suez Canal was forced to suspend its operations, as additional urgent repair is required.

The Singapore-flagged container vessel ONE Orpheus collided with “El-Mansy” bridge after its steering failure earlier this month.

The 336 m long 2008-built ship suffered a fault with its rudder during its transit through the canal.

This happened during its transit through the canal amongst vessels of the north-bound convoy on its way from Singapore to the Netherlands.

It is reported that temporary repairs were completed to the vessel at Port Said, Egypt and the vessel subsequently departed Port Said on December 17.

ONE, in an advisory dated December 20, informed its customers that the vessel will not be able to continue her voyage as planned as she will require additional urgent repair.

“ONE Orpheus will proceed to the port of Piraeus ETA 20th December 2023, where cargoes will be discharged for further transshipment to the final destination to allow her to proceed to go for an emergency dry dock thereafter,” as it is said.

The container ship moved at BSEA – Marmara Sea, in accordance with the data of Marine Traffic on December 27.

The reports are that the vessel will need to go into dry dock to “enable repairs to be effected” from her incident in the Suez Canal.

Shipping claims specialist WK Webster is telling clients that “if General Average is declared, General Average security may be required from all Cargo Interests prior to the delivery of their cargo.”

“We therefore recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo on board this vessel so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests,” WK Webster said.

Video credit: Suez Canal Authority