Port Klang confirms cargo ship afloat, engineers work on repairs after sinking rumours

A team of shore engineers together with the crew of MV Kum Jin reboarded the cargo ship on July 8 to stabilise the vessel and carry out repair work.

The Port Klang Authority said in a statement that two additional work vessels have been sent to assist repair and recovery operations and to be ready in case of any emergency.

Kum Jin, a 70-meter coaster had left port Klang with a shipment of steel cargo bound for Kuching on July 7.

The following day, the ship having reached the outer harbour reported that it had engine problems and was taking in water and requested permission to anchor, the port Klang Authority said.

“The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and Malaysian Marine Department responded immediately to a call for assistance and despatched 2 crafts to assist the ship,” said the statement.

It said that at 5am, the vessel was reported to be unstable due to bad weather and fearing that it may sink, the crew was evacuated and brought ashore by an MMEA patrol craft.

The Port Klang Authority confirmed that the ship is still afloat, in contrast to previous reports which said that it had sunk.

No pollution has been reported in the vicinity of the vessel.

“Vessels in the vicinity have been warned to stay clear of the stricken ship while the authorities continue to monitor the repair work and to render any assistance if required,” said the statement.

MMEA reports that despite the bad weather, they were able to transfer the 10 crewmembers to the patrol boat which brought them to shore.

The captain was from Indonesia and the crew was from Indonesia and Myanmar.