The readers might ask themselves about this headline and how this happened, as it is quite rare that the crew of a rescue helicopter has the opportunity to look up at the Great Belt Bridge when they pass it by ferry!

The Danish Airforce (Flyvevåbnet) informs in the social media that exactly this happened last week on the 14th of February, when a rescue helicopter crew had to evacuate a patient from the ferry “Color Fantasy” while on its way through the Great Belt.

The helicopter crew had to use radar and the heat-sensitive camera to locate the right ship and land on it in the very dense fog, and in the moment when the patient got safely inside the helicopter, the “Color Fantasy” was on its way under the Great Belt Bridge.

Therefore, the rescue helicopter and its crew chose to stay on the deck, with the helicopter rotors engaged until the ferry passed the bridge, and they could then safely take off heading for the hospital with the patient.