Photo credit: Monjasa

Six crew members who were kidnapped from oil tanker, Monjasa Reformer, are now safely recovered following the hijacking of the vessel on 25 March 2023 off Congo, Danish bunker supplier Monjasa confirmed on Monday. The ship was 140 nautical miles off Congo and had 16 crew members on board.

“All recovered crew members are in a relatively good health condition given the difficult circumstances they have been under in the last more than five weeks. They have all been receiving medical checks and are now being repatriated to their home countries to reunite with their families.”

“We are immensely grateful for the support received from our professional advisors, navies and authorities and to all others who have helped us resolve this awful situation,” shares Monjasa Group CEO, Anders Østergaard in a statement.

The attack on the Danish-owned ship ‘Monjasa Reformer’ by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea shows that most countries in the region do not have the necessary resources to tackle the ongoing problem, in accordance with the shipowners’ organization and trade association Danish Shipping, which calls for continued focus on piracy problems in the region.

“We truly admire our crew members for their bravery and would like to thank all the involved families for their patience and resilience during this stressful period of uncertainty. Monjasa urges for safe passage routes and safe zones in the Gulf of Guinea under an international coalition and we will gladly put our experience and knowledge into play as we continue working with our partners, authorities and fellow shipowners for a safe working environment for all seafarers,” Monjasa said today.