Tanker gets stuck in Bosphorus halting traffic in both directions

Ship traffic in Türkiye’s Bosphorus was temporarily suspended on Sunday morning after one ship blocked traffic in the Bosphorus Strait.

On Sunday, January 21, in the morning, navigation through the Bosphorus was suspended due to an incident with the Liberian-flagged tanker “Peria.”

Due to the emergency, the traffic suspended through the strait in both directions until the tanker was towed to safety.

The authority didn’t provide more details about the cause of the incident.

The Türkiye’s general directorate of coastal safety (KEGM) announced on X that ship traffic across the Bosphorus was temporarily suspended in both directions due to problems of the tanker Peria, which was traveling from Russia to Izmir.

The statement also clarifies that the ship in the Bosphorus is being assisted using tugs and rescue boats.

Officials provided yesterday an estimated time frame for the resumption of shipping. “The temporarily suspended Bosphorus ship traffic is planned to be opened in the south-north direction at 20:00,” as KEGM said yesterday in a new update.

The Shipping Telegraph reported on Friday that U.S. imposed sanctions on the United Arab Emirates-based company Hennesea Holdings Limited (Hennesea) which is the ultimate owner of 18 vessels, including the HS Atlantica, accusing the company of engaging in the export of Russian crude oil priced above the $60 a barrel cap.

One of the company’s ships under the name PERIA with IMO numb. 9322827 is included in the list of the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) “which is beneficially owned by Hennesea, as property in which Hennesea has an interest.”

In addition, another incident was reported by KEGM, where the cargo ship “Balkan 1” experienced an engine malfunction. According to the report, the ship “Balkan 1” with the assistance of a tugboat had to be anchored.

Marine traffic data showed yesterday the ship anchored in the port of Canakkale, Turkey.

Tanker gets stuck in Bosphorus halting traffic in both directions

Image: Liberian-flagged tanker “Peria”