Mv Ann Rousing

Violent fire broke out on an 85-meter-long Danish-flagged cargo ship loaded with scrap metal. The incident happened in the afternoon of October 13 when a fire broke out in the cargo hold of general cargo ship, “Ann Rousing” at Prøvestenen of Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The fire on the ship developed rapidly with flames and large clouds of smoke, as shown in the images released by Denmark´s capital emergency service in X (former twitter).

The ship’s cargo hold was burning violently, whilst the fire on the ship produced a lot of smoke.

Emergency services responded, firefighters were fighting the fire, but they had to be cautious to avoid pour too much water onto the ship, fearing stability loss.

“The situation on the ship at Prøvestenen remains serious. Efforts with extinguishing and cooling are ongoing,” the emergency services said Friday afternoon.

Floating oil booms, which are temporary floating barriers used to contain marine spills, were put out around the ship, the capital’s emergency services said in an update on X.

It was a complicated effort, where the options to extinguish the fire were difficult. “Our efforts are therefore both on extinguishing and cooling the ship. Preparations have been made for containment and collection in the event of pollution from the ship”, it was also reported.

The ship Ann Rousing of 2326 gt and a carrying capacity of 2750 t dwt was built in 1991.

In accordance with the latest information from Marine Traffic the vessel is “out-of-range” in Copenhagen.

It seems that the efforts at Prøvestenen were successful. The fire was put out, the ship kept afloat, and no leaks were reported so far.

mv Ann Rousing astern

Photo credit: Hovedstadens Beredskab