U.S. based shipping company Crowley christened on Tuesday the “eWolf” which is America’s first all-electric and zero-emission ship assist harbor tugboat.

The 82-foot vessel, which delivers 70 tons of bollard pull, built by Master Boat Builders in Coden, Ala., USA, will enter commercial service this week.

The eTug features a fully integrated electrical package for battery energy storage by ABB, with advanced technology for mariner safety.

“eWolf” is supported by a new microgrid shoreside charging station that enables the tug to operate at full performance daily on electricity.

Crowley was joined at the vessel christening by project partners including the Port of San Diego, San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Maritime Administration.

It is believed that this joint effort between federal, state and local partners to decarbonise the port will further improve the air quality in San Diego.

The port of San Diego chairman, Frank Urtasun, characterised Crowley’s electric tugboat as a game changer. “It checks all the boxes by providing environmental, economic, and operational benefits for our communities and maritime industry,” he said.