Yinson GreenTech (YGT), the green technologies business unit of the global energy infrastructure and technology company Yinson Holdings Berhad (Yinson) headquartered in Malaysia, has together with Goal Zero Consortium (Goal Zero) led-by SeaTech Solutions (SeaTech) officially today launched Singapore’s first electric cargo vessel named the “Hydromover”.

The lightweight, 18.5m “Hydromover” vessel is designed with swappable battery solutions and can carry up to 25 tonnes of cargo, it generates zero emissions and can potentially reduce operational costs by up to 50% compared to conventional vessels, due to improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

The vessel was Goal Zero’s submission and one of the proposals under the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) joint Call-for-Proposals for the electrification of harbour craft to be awarded R&D grants from both the MPA Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund and SMI Fund in August 2021.

The Hydromover is the first project to be ready for commercial trials.

YGT spearheaded Hydromover’s programme management, system solutions and commercialisation, while its Goal Zero partners were involved in other parts of its development.

As lead, SeaTech spearheaded the vessel design; Shift Clean Energy was the battery technology partner; RINA Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch was the classification society, while Lita Ocean was the builder of the “Hydromover”.

During the ceremony, YGT acknowledged five potential partners who have provided letters of intent to charter the “Hydromover” for operational trials, with the view to electrify their fleets in future.

These are two Goal Zero partners Lita Ocean and DM Sea Logistics, as well as OPL Services, RW Marine Services and Tian San Shipping. The five parties’ combined fleet stands at over 150 vessels, marking significant potential for future conversion to electric vessels.

YGT chief executive, Mr Eirik Barclay, said that “Being the first to launch a fully electric lighter craft in Singapore marks a transformative moment for YGT. The “Hydromover” exemplifies what can be achieved through strategic partnerships and alliances with like[1]minded partners. We are excited to have already received expressions of interest from across the region including Indonesia, where YGT has begun talks with interested parties to deploy the vessel for backwater transportation of goods and electrification of local fishing vessels.”

“I would like to congratulate YGT on the launch of the Hydromover. This is a significant milestone for the Goal Zero Consortium which had responded to previous MPA-SMI Joint call-for[1]proposals for the electrification of harbour craft.”

“The knowledge and capabilities gained through the development of the electric lighter craft will certainly add to the industry’s understanding of electric harbour craft designs and technology options for cargo transport vessels. MPA looks forward to work with more like-minded partners, including research agencies and financial institutions, to accelerate the decarbonisation of the harbour craft fleet in Singapore,” said Kenneth Lim, MPA assistant chief executive (industry and transformation).

“Congratulations to YGT on the launch of the Hydromover. We are proud to lead the Goal Zero Consortium and design this pioneering electric lighter craft. This marks a pivotal moment in Singapore’s journey towards the electrification of harbour craft. We celebrate with YGT this significant achievement and foresee the Hydromover to be a catalyst in Singapore’s pursuit of a greener harbour. We wish the Hydromover fair winds and following seas on its voyages ahead,” noted Prabjot Chopra, SeaTech, vice president technology.