Mt Seaways Gatun

The Finnish headquartered technology group Wärtsilä has announced that it will supply its EnergoFlow and EnergoProFin propulsion solutions to four medium range (MR) tankers in the New York Stock Exchange listed tanker company International Seaways (INSW) fleet.

The devices will be used to upgrade the ships’ existing Wärtsilä controllable pitch propeller system resulting in an estimated five percent (5%) in fuel savings, and these will be the first Ice Class 1A FS vessels to be fitted with the EnergoFlow solution.

EnergoFlow is an innovative pre-swirl stator that creates an optimal inflow for the propeller, reducing fuel consumption and emissions in all operating conditions.

The EnergoProFin is an energy saving propeller cap with fins that rotate together with the propeller. It reduces the energy losses created by the propeller hub vortex, increasing overall propulsion efficiency and significantly reducing underwater noise.

The order was booked by Wärtsilä in the first quarter of 2024, as the company mentions in its statement.

The four 47,000-dwt vessels to be fitted with the Wärtsilä solutions are the ‘Seaways Galle’, the ‘Seaways Gatun’, the ‘Seaways Hercules’, and the ‘Seaways Huron’.

The refitting installations will be planned to coincide with each vessel’s drydock schedule, starting in the summer of 2024.

By reducing the fuel consumption of these existing MR tankers, INSW will strengthen its actions towards decarbonised operations and continue to meet their carbon intensity indicator (CII) requirements.

Michael LaGrassa, director of new construction and performance at INSW, said: “Our company is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions in line with the IMO’s targets. We’re excited about our partnership with Wärtsilä to install these devices as we continue on our sustainability journey.”

Jan Othman, vice president of project services, Wärtsilä Marine, commented that “As a company dedicated to supporting the marine industry’s decarbonisation efforts, we are delighted to cooperate with International Seaways in improving the fuel efficiency of these four vessels.

“The Wärtsilä systems selected will not only meet and exceed the minimum required CII rating and IMO targets, but will also improve the ships’ asset resell market value.”