Dolphin type

Lloyd’s Register (LR) and Chinese ship designer SDARI are jointly developing the third generation of SDARI’s 64,500 DWT ‘Dolphin’ Bulk Carrier, which has been key product designs from SDARI for the past decade.

The design, which focuses on maximising deadweight, capacity and fuel energy efficiency, will feature novel hull lines and Fan Duct & Fan Cap to support with energy-saving devices.

SDARI has reconfigured the arrangement for lightship weight to increase the deadweight and the structure and hull form are optimised for better ship performance, lower fuel consumption and to achieve the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) phase III. 

“This project underscores the continued evolution of Ultramax bulk carrier design and the technical strength and capability of SDARI, one of China’s leading ship designers and a long-standing partner of LR. This design, which has attained an EEDI reduction of 40%, will help bulk carrier owners to better control their emissions, while owning and operating a highly competitive asset in the market,” says Nikos Kakalis, Global Bulk Carrier Segment Director LR.

“Comparing with the last generation of ‘Dolphin’ Ultramax, the deadweight is 1,000t more, and fuel oil consumption is around 20t/day. This generation can have a deadweight up to 66,000t and various alternative fuels solutions are ready. This means this new design will help ship owners to reduce their carbon emission and improve sustainability,” says Li Xin, Vice-Director of SDARI.

Source: Lloyds Register