One Econowind

The container liner company Ocean Network Express (ONE) today announce their trial of investigating the potential of wind propulsion as a sustainable solution for the maritime industry.

ONE has partnered up with Dutch maritime wind-powered technology company Econowind, which after successful completion of a factory test is set to install on the ship “Kalamazoo” two containerized wind assist devices, known as VentoFoil containers.

The “Kalamazoo” is a 1,036 teu feeder vessel which operates between to ports of Pusan, Yokohama, and Honolulu, and is owned by NORSE UK and operated by Goodwood Ship Management in Singapore.

The VentoFoils, which resemble airplane wings, are designed to harness wind energy, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Each VentoFoil is equipped with smart suction system that optimize airflow and maximize thrust and has the potential to generate up to 400kW of power, reducing fuel consumption by 5%.

They are fully automatic, adjust for wind speed and direction, and can be started from the ship bridge ONE informs.

The trial with the Ventofoils is scheduled to begin in January 2024 and will then run for approximately six months, where ONE closely will be monitoring the performance of the VentoFoils.

Data on fuel consumption, emissions reductions, and overall operational efficiency will be collected, and the results of the trial will be used to assess the long-term viability of wind propulsion as a sustainable shipping solution.

Hiroki Tsujii, managing director at ONE, said that “ONE is committed to minimizing our environmental impact and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050,” and added also that, “This trial with Econowind is an important step forward in our efforts to explore innovative and sustainable solutions for the maritime industry.”