The Swiss marine power company WinGD announce that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with ship owner and operator AET and maritime academy Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM), both being part of the MISC Group, to develop technology and training for ammonia engines.

The agreement will see the partners work towards the potential introduction of X-DF-A ammonia-fuelled engines on vessels which would be among the first ammonia dual-fuelled tankers in the world.

The project timeframe is in line with WinGD’s previously announced roadmap, bringing the first engines for Suezmax or Aframax tankers into service from 2025.

WinGD will develop a crew training syllabus and support its implementation, preparing some of the first seafarers in the world on ammonia-fuelled vessels to handle the new fuel and engines with confidence. The arrangement will provide the opportunity for ALAM to train its seafarers and supervisors on the operation, maintenance, monitoring, repair and health and safety procedures specific to the new engines, the company mentioned.

“I am pleased that we were able to formalise the collaboration with WinGD to develop the required ammonia engines and training materials that will help seafarers to safely manage the new generation of zero emission vessels. The outcomes of this collaboration will support AET and MISC Group to deliver on our commitment to deliver more energy with lower emission,” said Zahid Osman, President & CEO, AET.

“This cooperation between engine designer, shipowner and training institution marks a powerful push towards realising the potential of ammonia as a maritime fuel. As well as preparing our engines for integration within a key vessel type, the training developed under this project will also feed into the knowledge pool needed for operators and their crews to confidently, safely and efficiently operate these new fuelled vessels,” said Rudolph Holtbecker, Director Operations WinGD.

WinGd and AET signing ammonia training agreement

(L-R) John Baptist, Head of Decarbonisation, MISC, Dr. Carmelo Cartalemi, General Manager, Global Sales, WinGD, ALAM’s Chief Executive, Prof. Dr. Hamdan Suhaimi
(Photo courtesy of MISC Berhad)