Shipping investment vehicle Alpha Omega Marine strikes first vessel buy

Alpha Omega Marine, an equity shipping investment vehicle, has announced the acquisition of its first vessel, the Japanese-built Ultramax bulk carrier, MV As One.

Greek Vasileios Pateras and Thanos Pasialis, the managing partners of Alpha Omega, revealed the acquisition via a short statement in the social media.

This strategic acquisition was made in collaboration with Cargill team, who were pivotal in this endeavor, as the company explains.

The legal guidance provided by Watson Farley & Williams, Clyde & Co Classis, and Reed Smith LLP has been “instrumental in navigating the intricacies of this transaction,” Alpha Omega said, adding that Clarksons brokers offered an invaluable contribution in securing this deal.

Furthermore, the operational management of V.Group has been central to the successful realization of this venture.

“This acquisition marks more than the expansion of our fleet; it represents our vision of navigating global waters with efficiency, responsibility, and a forward-thinking approach. The MV As One is not just a vessel; it’s a testament to our collaborative efforts and a beacon of our future aspirations in the maritime industry,” the company noted.