Photo credit: government of Bulgaria

Bulgaria´s main role is to guarantee the energy and national security, is what Bulgaria´s Prime Minister Galab Donev defined as a priority, that dominates the strategy of Bulgaria’s energy sector development in the next 30 years.

“In the midst of an energy crisis Bulgaria does not have an approved strategy for the development of the energy sector. Without a strategic document that sets clearly defined goals for the development of the sector, any government will resemble a man in a dark room who looks for the light switch,” Prime Minister Galab Donev said. Further, he recalled that the course of the development of the energy sector of Bulgaria is clearly set forth in the Energy Act.

In his statement, the Prime Minister specially recognized the Energy Ministry’s efforts in recent months to analyze the condition of the energy sector and to work out the strategy.

Recently the agreement signed between Bulgargaz and BOTAŞ is characterised as a key point in the development of the partnership between Bulgaria and Türkiye.

This was stated by Bulgaria´s Prime Minister Galab Donev at his meeting with the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Türkiye Mr. Fatih Dönmez. The Prime Minister and the Turkish Minister met to talk after an agreement was signed in the Council of Ministers, whereby Bulgargaz gets access to the terminals and gas transportation infrastructure of the Turkish state-owned energy company BOTAŞ.

In the course of the meeting, Prime Minister Galab Donev expressed confidence that the agreement signed is a good starting point towards the achievement in the future of even more significant results that would benefit both countries and the entire region.

The Prime Minister described the agreement as historic as it is the first time that the Republic of Türkiye grants an external company access to its LNG terminals. At the same time, the agreement provides an opportunity to develop long-term cooperation in the interest of energy diversification. “In the context of the severe energy crisis, with concerted efforts we can achieve much more, both for Bulgaria and Türkiye, and for Europe as a whole,” Prime Minister Galab Donev noted.

Further, Prime Minister Galab Donev emphasized the existence of a number of projects of common interest that can be implemented within a short period of time, including cooperation in the construction and development of gas storage capacity, investments in renewable energy sources, and increase of the capacity of the electric power transmission network, as well as the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.