Clarksons Offshore and Renewables opens its first Edinburgh office that will serve as a hub for Clarksons’ Renewables division in Scotland, catering to the specific needs of the renewables offshore construction industry.

The Edinburgh office will offer a range of services, including offshore construction consultancy, vessel intelligence, newbuilding, project ship broking, finance and management support.

The London-based shipbroking firm said a team of experts will work from Edinburgh, led by Transport and Installation Manager, Olivier Candeel, who has significant knowledge of the complexities of offshore renewable energy projects and services required to support the development and installation of offshore wind farms.

Boasting a strong renewable energy industry and a highly skilled workforce, Edinburgh serves as an ideal base for Clarksons to collaborate with local stakeholders, including government bodies, research institutions, and industry partners.

As the shipbroking company explains, this move into the Scottish capital, complements Clarksons’ intention to provide comprehensive support to the flourishing renewables market in Scotland and beyond.

“Scotland has emerged as a global leader in renewable energy and our goal is to provide comprehensive support to both existing and upcoming renewable projects, facilitating the transition to a greener future. As the renewable energy sector continues to gain momentum, opening our new office in Edinburgh signals our strong commitment to supporting the industry’s growth, on both a local and global scale,” said Paul Love, MD of Clarksons offshore and renewables.