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A deal has been reached between the unions and Danish Shipowners’ Association which represents Denmark’s shipping industry, regarding the payment for crew sailing through the Red Sea, in order to compensate for potential attacks.

During negotiations between the nation’s largest labor unions for seafarers and the employer group Danske Rederier, a deal presented on Friday to provide a “hazard pay” for seafarers when sailing in two defined high-risk areas in the region.

In the table of negotiations were representatives from Maskinmestrenes Forening together with Metal Maritime and the Dansk El-Forbund.

The deal was reached with Danske Rederier as a result of a series of drone and missile attacks caused by the Houthi movement in Yemen or by others who support Hamas in the conflict.

‘Precisely securing our seafaring members when sailing in the Red Sea has been of the highest priority, at the same time as the seafarers receive nuisance and inconvenience allowances, and therefore the agreement is satisfactory’, said chairman of the union Maskinmestrenes Forening, Lars Have Hansen.

When passing through the defined “High Risk Area”, it is agreed that a supplement of 100 percent of 1/30 of the monthly basic salary or usual fixed salary will be paid. The allowance is given per commenced 24 hours, as long as the ship stays in the area.

In connection with the agreement entered into, the parties discussed several topics regarding the conditions for passage in the affected area.

For the Maskinmestrenes Forening, Metal Maritime and Dansk El-Forbund, it was important to ensure that a passage with a Danish-flagged ship, as a minimum, complies with the guidelines from the American-led “Operation Prosperitry Guardian”, which must ensure safe navigation in the area.