Mv Industrial Skipper heavy lift vessel

The Houston-headquartered Intermarine, a break-bulk liner-operator in the Americas for over 30 years, has in collaboration with heavy-lift powerhouse Jumbo-SAL-Alliance announced a fleet expansion, consisting of two F500 heavy-lift vessels, one F360, and one F300 type.

Intermarine mentions in its statement that it has secured the four heavy-lift vessels on a long-term charter, with delivery in the next few weeks, and the vessels will be sailing under the names Industrial Fraternity (F360), Industrial Skipper (F500), Industrial Swift (F500) and Louise Auerbach (F300).

The company said these modern heavy-lift vessels seamlessly integrate into the portfolio shared by Intermarine and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. The F500 vessels are equipped with 2 x 250 t SWL cranes (combinable to 500 t SWL).

The F360 has 2 x 180 t SWL cranes (combinable to 360 t SWL), and the F300 offers 2 x 150 t SWL cranes (combinable to 300t SWL).

Built between 2016 and 2017, the F500 types represent some of the newest, most efficient vessels in the sector, as the company claims, adding that these vessels with a length of 147 m and a draft of 7.5 m facilitate operations in almost any port.

MV Industrial Fraternity and the MV Louise Auerbach will commence operations from northern Europe.

MV Industrial Skipper sets sail from Brazil, whilst MV Industrial Swift departs from the Mediterranean Sea for joining Intermarine’s global trade routes, with a focus on enhancing connections between Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Svend Andersen, chief executive of Intermarine, said: “We’ve always had a dynamic blend of owned vessels and time-charter ships in our fleet. It’s a fundamental aspect of our business model. This approach gives us a versatile modus operandi, offering a diverse array of ships precisely tailored to meet the wide variety of customer requests and demands.”

Lars Rasmussen, COO of Intermarine, noted: “It’s critical that we support our customers’ needs with consistent and readily available vessel positions. These vessels seamlessly integrate into our fleet and trade routes, offering operational efficiency and expanded capacity. Their remarkable flexibility, advanced technical capabilities and exceptional fuel efficiency make them an ideal complement to the services offered by both Intermarine and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.”

Martin Harren, chief executive of Harren Group, pointed out that “These vessels represent not only exceptional capabilities but also crucial strategic assets for both Intermarine and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. With this strategic commitment, we can cater to a more extensive customer base, reinforcing our dedication to meeting our clients’ evolving demands.

“We consistently ensure that our fleet is well-aligned and equipped with the necessary technical capabilities to address the ever-growing needs of our customers. We look forward to serving both new and existing clients, leveraging the strength of these remarkable vessels.”