Monday 19 February 2024 marks the three-month anniversary since the Houthis seized the Galaxy Leader and its 25 seafarers in the Red Sea.

To remind, the vessel, a roll-on/roll-off vehicle carrier, was seized on November 19. The NYK-chartered pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) Galaxy Leader was seized near Hodeida, Yemen, while sailing for India.

The targeted vessel’s group owner was listed as Ray Car Carriers, who were in turn listed as a subsidiary of Abraham Rami Ungar, a company domiciled in Israel, according to a post in the social media from maritime security company Ambrey.

The maritime industry has joined together from around the world to express their concern for the seafarers who have been held hostage, and call on the Houthis to release the crew of the Galaxy Leader.

“The 25 seafarers who make up the crew of the Galaxy Leader are innocent victims of the ongoing aggression against world shipping, and their plight is a major concern as the merchant shipping community continues to come under attack.

“All efforts must be made by international organisations and States to secure the release of the seafarers.”

“It is abhorrent that seafarers were seized by military forces and that they have been kept from their families and loved ones for too long. All 25 crew members of the Galaxy Leader must be released now,” the joint statement reads.

The following are the maritime industry bodies coming together to sign the statement.

Galaxy’s Leader 25-crew still held captive, voices for release