Kotug seals construction deal with Padmos for electric pusher tugs

The family-owned towage and maritime specialist Kotug International B.V. has signed a framework agreement with Padmos for the construction of the complete E-Pusher lineup, comprising the S, M, and L models.

The E-Pusher is a modular and scalable electric pusher tug. The series models (S, M and L) range from 9-22 meters in length, with a maximum depth of 0.85 to 1.35 meters, resulting in a draft 30% less than conventional pusher tug designs.

The swappable energy containers encompass Stage V diesel, (Bio)gas, Hydrogen, and battery solutions.

The vessels are also equipped to eliminate harmful emissions, including CO2, SOx, NOx, and particulate matter.

The framework agreement follows the successful commissioning of the groundbreaking E-Pusher 1 (M model), constructed by Padmos in conjunction with Kotug.

Since June 2023, the E-Pusher 1 has been navigating the waters for Cargill in the North Holland region, transporting cocoa beans from Amsterdam to Zaandam.

As Kotug claims, this fully electric pusher boat, with barges, reduces CO2 emissions by 190,000 kg per year, equivalent to 15,000 single truck trips covering the same distance.

The contract was signed at the River bar Rotterdam by Ard-Jan Kooren, president and chief executive of Kotug and the chief executive of Padmos, Leon Padmos.

Ard-Jan Kooren, president and chief executive of KOTUG International, said: “Our collaboration with Padmos marks a significant stride towards advancing sustainable maritime practices. The E-Pusher series underscores our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.”

Leon Padmos, chief executive of Padmos, noted: “We are proud to build upon our cooperation with KOTUG in pioneering the construction of the E-Pusher lineup. Our shared vision for sustainable maritime solutions drives this partnership, and we are excited about the transformative impact these vessels will have on the industry.”