Dutch maritime heavy lifters HEBO Maritiem Service and Bonn & Mees Floating Sheerlegs have joined forces in an ambitious merger.

The two partners said the collaboration marks a significant milestone in the maritime sector, laying the foundation for sustainable growth, expanded services, and strengthened market position.

With a combined experience of 170 years, HEBO and Bonn & Mees form the most versatile maritime service provider in Europe, with a specialized focus in areas such as heavy lifting, specialized transport, salvage operations, and emergency response.

HEBO, with a large and diverse fleet of vessels, specializes in projects such as integral infrastructure, emergency response, salvage operations, transportation, wind, and decommissioning across various markets.

Bonn & Mees having in its fleet portfolio three seagoing sheerlegs, operates floating sheerlegs from Rotterdam to meet challenges in offshore installation and decommissioning, heavy lifting, and civil construction.

As it is announced by HEBO the merger creates opportunities to further expand the wide range of maritime services offered.

Marius Punt, CEO of HEBO and Peter Leenheer, owner of Bonn & Mees, aspire to seize new opportunities for growth, expansion, sustainability, and international development.

“Within this framework, the parties actively seek acquisitions and integration of new companies to enhance and complete their service offerings,” the two parties said.