Photo credit: ZeroNorth (Mr. Mike Konstantinidis)

Technology company ZeroNorth announced today that has appointed Mike Konstantinidis as Managing Director of Vessel Optimisation and Head of ZeroNorth’s Athens Office.

Mike Konstantinidis will head up a new business area focused on bringing high frequency data captured by on-board sensors to the ZeroNorth platform. This will enrich the platform’s data analysis capabilities and give further training data input for existing data models.

There are a myriad of difficult decisions to be made in shipping, with endless variables such as route, weather conditions, and vessel specifics like different hull and propeller fouling. These variables combine to create barriers to optimisation and the efficiencies that the industry needs on its sustainability journey.

Decision-makers need to be equipped with the most accurate, up-to-date information to choose the optimal route or vessel to be as competitive, profitable, and environmentally conscious as possible.

With Mike Konstantinidis taking the helm at a new sensor-focused business unit, ZeroNorth will double down on sensor-derived data by incorporating it more closely into the company’s data analysis capabilities.

Mike has worked in the technology space for more than 35 years, joining the shipping industry just over 6 years ago.

He has a wealth of experience in software, systems integration and in his last role as Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at METIS Cyberspace Technology SA was powering the digital transformation of maritime through artificial intelligence. He brings this knowledge and expertise to his new role at ZeroNorth, as the company states today in an announcement.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Mike Konstantinidis said: “ZeroNorth is doing a great job in helping its customers navigate digitalisation and decarbonisation in this new era of shipping. I am delighted to join the company to broaden its data to include high frequency sensor data analysis. The industry is on a journey of digital transformation. In my role at ZeroNorth, I am excited to provide the analysis of even more data sources to our customers, helping them to optimise decision-making for profit and planet.”