Photo credit: MSC Group

MSC Group´s subsidiary SAS Shipping Agencies Services has completed the acquisition of Bolloré Africa Logistics. The transaction was approved by all applicable regulatory authorities, and the acquisition deal of Bolloré Africa Logistics SAS and its affiliates, highlights the commitment of MSC to invest in African supply chains and infrastructure.

MSC reiterates that it will operate Bolloré Africa Logistics Group as an autonomous entity with its portfolio of diversified partners, under a new brand to be unveiled in 2023.

Philippe Labonne will continue his role at the helm of the business as President of Bolloré Africa Logistics. As the MSC Group´s President Diego Aponte said “the deal will strengthen MSC’s longstanding ties with Africa”.

MSC intends to continue enhancing African continent’s connectivity with the rest of the world, and enable trade within Africa amid the implementation of the continental free trade (AfCFTA).

Source: MSC