Panama Canal Increases Number of Slots in the Panamax Locks

After the sharp cuts in the number of booking slots for transits, the Panama Canal now increases the number of daily slots in the Panamax locks, in response to the current and projected level of Gatun Lake.

Panama Canal authority has announced, through Notice to Shipping No. A-08-2024, that an additional slot will become available for supers in booking period 2 (14 days prior to transit date), and two additional slots will be offered through auction at the opening of booking period 3 (seven days prior to transit date).

Of the four daily slots to be auctioned, three slots will be offered to supers and one slot to regular vessels. If the auction for regular vessels closes without interested vessels, the slot may be auctioned to supers.

“The criteria that participating vessels must meet to be awarded the slot, including the groups per market segment announced in Advisory to Shipping A-51-2023, will be notified when the auction is published,” the Panama Canal authority reports.

The additional slot offered in booking period 2 for supers will become available for transit dates beginning March 25, 2024. Applications for this additional slot will begin on March 11, 2024, at 0900 hours.

Additional auction slots will be offered starting on March 11, 2024, for transit dates beginning March 18, 2024. The ACP may also increase the number of slots offered through auction, depending on the Gatun Lake´s level projections.

Source: Panama Canal Authority