The Spanish based port services and logistic company Pérez y Cía. Group has acquired EUCONSA, a carrier specialized in intermodal transport of bulk chemicals and petrochemicals.

EUCONSA founded in 1988 is offering logistic solutions tailored to the needs of each customer, all carried out under the strictest standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection.

EUCONSA operates three strategically located facilities along the Mediterranean corridor (Catalonia, Murcia, and Algeciras).

These three locations enable the company to offer a wide range of logistics services, supported by a fleet of over 75 own trucks, 120 container chassis, 30 road tankers, and more than 800 containers including tank containers and dry bulk containers, managed by a team of 165 highly qualified employees.

The company stands out for its strong commitment to intermodality, combining the advantages of rail and maritime transport with the flexibility of road transport. This approach not only contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions but also improves road safety.

Among the personalized services offered by EUCONSA are container depot, bulk goods storage, packaging, last-mile distribution, and container leasing. Additionally, it offers advanced technical services such as tank and container washing, heating, and maintenance.

Pérez y Cía. Group strengthens its leadership position in the logistics sector with this new acquisition,  integrating EUCONSA‘s expertise and resources to offer even more innovative and efficient logistics solutions to its clients worldwide, maintaining its leadership under the current general director, Francisco Ayuso.

“The acquisition of EUCONSA is a perfect addition to Pérez y Cía. Group, allowing us to expand and enhance our capabilities in highly specialized intermodal transport, while maintaining our commitment to quality and sustainability,” says Gonzalo Pérez-Maura, CEO of Pérez y Cía. Group.

Source: Pérez Y Cía