PetroTal, an oil and gas development and production company domiciled in Calgary, a city in the Canadian province of Alberta, has announced a river blockade against vessels that provide services to the company.

The company accuses an indigenous group that has engaged in carrying out an “illegal blockade in the Puinahua Canal, in Peru against all ships providing services to the company, including barges that transport oil, and vessels carrying critical camp supplies,” as it is mentioned in PetroTal statement.

“The blockade ignores the recently signed agreements which adopt a transparent, fair, and participatory approach to allocating social fund resources where over US$8 million has already been accumulated from PetroTal into a restricted bank account,” said the company.

The oil and gas development and production company has called for an immediate and peaceful end to the blockade so that safe river transportation operations can resume.

The company, a significant crude oil producer in Peru, urges for a peaceful and immediate end to demonstrations. It also says in its statement that “field production slowdown coincides with planned infrastructure tie-ins.”