Scorpio and Gulf Navigation launch Dubai ship-management JV

Dubai-listed maritime and shipping Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC is teaming up with Scorpio Services Holding Limited to capitalise on ship management opportunities in the Middle East.

Joint venture company under the name Black Marlin Ship Management & Operation, located in Dubai, UAE, has been set up with Scorpio Services Holding Limited (SSH).

The company will deliver vessel management solutions for regional clients.

The venture will be launched with eight vessels, four from each partner. Through the exchange of expertise, Black Marlin will offer a range of services to cater to the individual needs of owners across multiple shipping sectors and multiple operating models.

Chemical tanker owner said this partnership will leverage the capabilities and experience of Gulf Navigation and SSH. 

Black Marlin will combine methods in ship management with tools in data analytics, sustainability, and regulatory compliance, “in order to drive superior commercial returns for vessel owners,” as Gulf Navigation claims.

Ahmad Kilani, chief executive of GULFNAV, said: “We are excited to be working with SSH. This cooperation will integrate the superior resources and technical strength of the two sides, strengthen the technical management and intelligent quality control system of ship operations, improve the benefit and efficiency of ship operations management, fill the gap in domestic high-end comprehensive maritime services, and provide higher-quality and more efficient services for our clients”.

Ugo Romano, managing director of Scorpio MENA, noted: “This venture is fully aligned with the future goals and vision we have for SSH. The seascape for technical management has never been so complex, given the need for energy efficiency, the dynamic expectations of regulators and end-users, and the imperative of assembling the right team of motivated professionals, both onboard and ashore, who can drive results.”

“We believe that with the excellent management team of GULFNAV, their astute business practices and honorable ethical standards, they are a perfect partner for us. We are very excited to move forward on this journey with GULFNAV,” he added.