Singapore's fleet passes 100 million gross tonnage

The nation’s flag has marked a historic achievement by surpassing the 100 million gross tonnage (GT) milestone.

This milestone was reached with the registration of AET’s Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC), Eagle Veracruz, on 23 January 2024.

Administering about 4,000 vessels aggregating over 100 million gross tonnage, the SRS is among the world’s largest ship registries with one of the youngest quality fleets.

Established in 1966, the SRS oversees Singapore-flagged ships and ensuring that they comply with the relevant IMO conventions to “enhance the safety, efficiency and environmental protection of international shipping,” as the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) claims.

The Singapore flag has grown to become a flag of choice for many shipowners and operators.

Eagle Veracruz, is a dual-fuelled liquefied natural gas VLCC named after the Mexican State of Veracruz, where one of the oldest ports in Mexico is located, exceeding 330 metres in length with a volume of more than 156,000 GT.

The vessel is equipped with several energy-efficient design features and technology, which reduces fuel consumption.

These includes an optimised hull form which helps reduce drag in water, enhanced rudder design which improves stability and manoeuvrability, and wake duct which improves propeller efficiency.

The main engine, built on a modular concept, allow for future retrofit options to potentially run on low- and zero-carbon fuels.

22 newly Singapore-registered ships have received Green Ship Certificates under the green ship programme in 2023, and MPA expects more such greener ships to use Singapore as their flag of choice in the coming years.