Attacks launched by Yemen’s Houthis on commercial ships in the southern part of the Red Sea, have prompted several shipping companies to reroute vessels planned for Red Sea transit via the Cape of Good Hope, due to the deteriorating security situation in the region.

The Suez Canal Authority gave an answer on Friday to the rumors in the maritime community of the temporary suspension of navigation through the Canal.

The Suez Canal Authority issued a statement on Friday, January 12, denying rumors that its operations had been impacted by the overnight strikes by U.S. and UK forces and the resumption of attacks by Yemen´s Houthis.

Meanwhile the US Naval Forces, Central Command, has advised that the security situation in the area between 16N and 12N remains unstable.

Also, the world’s largest shipping association, Bimco, has warned yesterday that it is currently not possible to foresee how the security situation develops, but the present security conditions may prevail for still some time.

“Bimco and Coalition forces continue to recommend shipping companies to consider avoiding shipping operations in the area and reposition to north of 18N or east of 46E,” the association said in a notification.

Adm. Ossama Rabiee, chairman and managing director of the Suez Canal, has stated that navigation through the Canal is going as per normal in both directions, and that there is no truth to what is being circulated in the maritime navigation community of the temporary suspension of navigation through the Canal, as a result of developments in the situation in the Bab-el-Mandeb area.

In an attempt to highlight stability, the Suez Canal Authority reported that on January 13, 44 ships are scheduled to transit the canal representing 2.3 million tons.

The authority has stressed the SCA’s keenness on opening communication channels directly with shipping companies and shipping lines.

The authority has also said that it coordinates “what’s in the best interest of the navigational community, ensuring the sustainability of global supply chains.”

Furthermore, the authority showed photos of the navigation movement during the weekend on the Suez Canal from both directions.

Suez canal authority recently discussed with the CMA CGM Group the developments in the Red Sea region and reviewed the CMA CGM´s policy towards the security situation in the region.

The French carrier has said that it would continue transits in the area on a selective basis. During the meeting it was also stressed that the Suez Canal Authority “has ensured effective communication with all its clients and joint coordination to reach constructive mechanisms suitable for dealing with current situations.”