Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense claimed on Tuesday that the Russian Novocherkassk landing ship was destroyed in Feodosia.

However, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed an incident on Feodosia, Crimea, where the Ukrainian armed forces “damaged the Novocherkassk.”

This event, confirmed by both Russian and Ukrainian sources, has generated various interpretations, some of which suggest that the ship may have been irreparably damaged.

In a brief message Tuesday morning, the Ministry of Ukraine credited the attack to Ukrainian Air Force pilots.

“Ukrainian pilots did an excellent job. Crimea is Ukraine. There is no place for the occupier’s fleet here,” they wrote.

The Russian Defense Ministry said a missile strike by the Ukrainian armed forces on Feodosia, Crimea, has killed one person and left two others wounded, and damaged the Novocherkassk, a Russian Navy amphibious assault landing ship, in a statement reported by the state-run TASS news agency.

“The Novocherkassk, a large amphibious assault landing ship, suffered damage,” TASS reported.

Responding to the developments, UK’s defence secretary Grant Shapps said Russia’s dominance in the Black Sea “is now challenged”.

“This latest destruction of Putin’s navy demonstrates that those who believe there’s a stalemate in the Ukraine war are wrong.”

“They haven’t noticed that over the past 4 months 20% of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has been destroyed. Russia’s dominance in the Black Sea is now challenged and the new UK & Norway led Maritime Capability Coalition is helping to ensure Ukraine will win at sea,” he added.