China Development Bank (CDB), the controlling shareholder of China Development Bank Financial Leasing, has confirmed that it is exploring plans for its leasing business, including a potential transfer of the shares.

The Hong Kong-listed China Development Bank Financial Leasing said in a filing that its controlling shareholder CDB has continued to deepen reforms and initiated an assessment in relation to the relevant businesses of the company, including exploring plans such as a potential transfer of the company’s shares.

“There is no certainty as to the outcome of the business assessment,” said China Development Bank Financial Leasing.

The leasing business said in a regulatory filing that it had noted media reports on June 29 regarding the potential transfer of the company’s shares by CDB.

The company made it clear that “the company was informed by CDB that, as at the date of this announcement, no agreement or other commitment has been entered into by CDB as to whether to proceed with any related transaction.”

It also highlighted the fact that if any legally binding agreement or commitment is entered into regarding transactions related to the business assessment, an announcement will be made by the company in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

“The operations of the company remain stable,” it added.