Shocking moment as seaplane smashes into boat while trying to take-off

A seaplane collided with a pleasure boat in Canada injuring a number of passengers. The shocking collision was reported by various authorities in Vancouver and more details are expected to come as the investigation unfolds.

Images and videos on social media show what appears to be a small plane partially submerged in the water and several other vessels nearby.

The footage shows the seaplane attempting to take off before it crosses paths with a pleasure boat coming from a separate direction.

The plane then flies up into the air before immediately crashing back down into the water and sinking beneath the waves.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) said in a statement that a Harbour Air sea plane collided with a pleasure boat in the water near Canada Place around 1 p.m. PT on June 8.

“Vancouver Police officers have responded to a sea plane collision in Coal Harbour this afternoon. A number of people were on board both the plane and boat,” police said. “Several passengers have been treated for injuries and taken to hospital.”

Police did not confirm exactly how many people were injured, but said more details would come as the investigation progresses.

Shocking moment as seaplane smashes into boat while trying to take-off

As it is reported the Vancouver Police are working with other agencies about the incident, including BC Emergency Health Services, Vancouver Fire Rescue Services, West Coast Marine and Vancouver Port Authority.

The reasons of the accident are under investigation.