Swedish prosecutor shuts down Nord Stream sabotage investigation

Sweden has decided to close its investigation concerning gross sabotage against Nord Stream in September 2022, stating they don’t have jurisdiction.

Swedish officials said Wednesday that the Swedish investigation has been able to establish and confirm circumstances that, taken together, lead to the conclusion that there is no longer any reason to continue the Swedish preliminary investigation, because it can be assumed that Swedish courts lacks jurisdiction.

Sweden’s investigation was only one of three into the explosions. Denmark and Germany are also examining the blasts.

The German investigation continues and Sweden hand over material that can be used as evidence in the German investigation.

In fact the three countries, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, have continuously shared information and status reports all this period of time.

“We have had in-depth cooperation with the investigation conducted by the German authorities,” Swedish authorities reveal.

On September 26, 2022, several attacks were carried out in international waters, directed at the Nord Stream.

Public Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist has led the investigation, which has concerned gross sabotage. The primary purpose of the investigation has been to establish whether Swedish citizens were involved in the act and whether Swedish territory was used to carry out the act, and thereby risked damaging Swedish interests or Sweden’s security.

The investigation has now reached such a stage that the authorities have a clear view of the incident and that nothing has emerged to indicate that Sweden or Swedish citizens were involved in the attack which took place in international waters.

Mats Ljungqvist, public prosecutor, said: “The investigation has been systematic and thorough. Among other things, a large number of ship movements have been analysed in order to understand what has happened.

“In addition to that, an extensive crime scene investigation has been carried out and several interviews have been held in the matter. Against the background of the situation we now have, we can state that Swedish jurisdiction does not apply.”

Ljungqvist refused to comment on the conclusions of the Swedish investigation or comment on any suspected persons in the Swedish investigation, highlighting the quick and efficient effort that the Swedish navy and the Swedish coast guard carried out in order to secure the crime scene.

“Without their efforts, the authorities would not have been able to reach the state of investigation that we have now reached”, he said.