Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense claims that one Russian vessel was struck during an attack on May 19. The Ukrainian forces launched a missile strike on Sevastopol, with the Ukrainian Defense Ministry writing on X (former twitter) shortly after that Kovrovets had been struck.

“Another bad day for the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” the short statement read.

Specifically, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense claimed success on Sunday, announcing that it had hit and destroyed a Russian minesweeper, the Project 266-M Kovrovets.

Two days later, the Defense Ministry claimed that the Russian Black Sea fleet lost a warship again.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t elaborate on the extent to which the vessel had been damaged, but the Ukrainian Defense Ministry wrote on X that Russia had “lost a warship again.”

“As a result of the attack on May 19, Ukrainian defenders hit a “Cyclone” Project 22800 Karakurt-class corvette,” the ministry wrote.

Shipping Telegraph was not able to independently verify the statements. There was no official comment from the Russian side.

Kyiv officials say the attacks allowed Ukraine to seize the initiative in the Black Sea and undermine Moscow’s capability to carry out missile strikes on Ukrainian territory from the sea.