An underground gas storage facilities’ ground infrastructure in Ukraine was attacked on Sunday in the latest wave of Russian missile strikes on power facilities.

Ukraine’s state-run Naftogaz oil and gas company reported the attack, but added that this will not affect the services.

Naftogaz is Ukraine’s largest, vertically integrated oil and gas company. The company is fully owned by the state of Ukraine.

Naftogaz Group chief executive Oleksiy Chernyshov said the damaged surface infrastructure will need repairs but emphasized that the Russian attack on Naftogaz’s UGS facility will not affect gas storage services.

“During an enemy attack in Western Ukraine this morning, one of Ukrtransgaz’s underground gas storage facilities’ ground infrastructure was hit, resulting in damaged technological equipment. This will not affect the services provided by Ukraine’s UGS facilities; there are no critical consequences,” Chernyshov noted.

Naftogaz Group chief executive Chernyshov emphasized this during his visit to the impact site on March 24.

“Service nominations, including storage and capacity bookings, are being fulfilled as planned,” reported Chernyshov.

“Currently, efforts to localize and eliminate the consequences are ongoing according to the Emergency Response Plan.

“The situation will not critically impact the UGS operations since the gas is stored deep underground. The damaged surface infrastructure will need repairs, however we have sufficient backup capacities in place to mitigate any immediate impacts,” added Naftogaz Group CEO.