Netherlands shipping line, W.E.C. (West European Container) Lines B.V., has officially changed its trade name to WEC Lines, and dropped the dots and vessel logomark.

According to WEC Lines, it decided to rebrand to portray a more modern, open image.

WEC Lines has gone through a visual evolution refining its logo and its overall aesthetic.

WEC Lines noted that the new simpler logo represents its “commitment to user-friendly design and a stronger brand identity.”

The shipping line has undergone rebranding efforts, as it says, to adapt to changing client needs, preferences, and lifestyles.

The aim of this revamp is to emphasize an open, approachable attitude, respect for its heritage, and a fresh outlook.

Although WEC Lines remains at its core a shipping line, it emphasised the fact that it is expanding its intermodal connections directly linked to the vessel network.

As a result, the company believes it makes sense to drop the vessel logomark from its logo that has been in use for many years.

Caesar Luikenaar, managing director of WEC Lines, said: “We are currently shifting from being a pure feeder carrier to a door-to-door intra-European carrier with East African deep sea activities.”

“This rebranding exercise underlines our dedication and commitment to meeting client demand and preparing for the future.”